“I came to Linda when life had thrown several challenges at me all in one condensed hit and I felt overwhelmed and unable to see a way forward. Linda was quickly able to provide an environment which encouraged discussion, reflection and problem solving. Linda tailored her communications and the format of our sessions to a style that suited me and allowed to me to make very positive progress.

“I was reluctant to try talking therapy again after a bad experience in the past, but Linda made me feel welcome from the minute she opened her front door. Her room is cozy and homely, decorated with lots of soft furnishings and little nicnaks, there is always a nice smelling candle burning, and sometimes her cat pays a visit, if you’re lucky. 

Although I was in a difficult mindset when I first met Linda, I knew she was the right person to help me. We covered topics that were difficult, challenging, upsetting and even heartbreaking. Linda never made me feel insecure, silly or reluctant to open myself up. She always actively listened, allowed me to say what I needed and I honestly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met her. She helped me to understand where my hurt and anxiety came from and to actually appreciate what I have and can achieved. I owe a huge thank you to Linda for helping me grow.”


“Linda has been my psychotherapist for a few years now and has helped me achieve a much healthier way of thinking.  She works in a very open way which I found much better than previous therapists constricted by NHS time limits.  She is very professional, but also encouraging and respectful. She said from the start it would be hard work and it was, but the results have been well worth it!

..she let me work at my own pace which was great…I could go on and on”


“It was very easy to connect with Linda and I felt respected and valued during our sessions. She helped me rebuild my confidence and reduce my stress and anxiety so that I could develop my life back on track again. Arranging the sessions was easy to do and she built a relaxed atmosphere of trust and respect very quickly”.


“I found Linda to be warm and easy to talk to, she helped me immensely at a difficult time in my life, I would highly recommend her as a therapist”.


“I can only describe how I felt when I first met Linda back in 2012, when I was crippled with grief and severe depression after losing my son but now I am on he road to recovery and almost employable. Through having weekly sessions with Linda, I am now almost running. I now have therapy sessions every second week and it continues to help me. Thank you linda you really did help me by believing in me and making me believe in myself. I could write a whole book on how much I benefited from Linda’s help”.


“The outcome from my sessions with Linda allowed me to identify priorities, to gain perspective and to view my challenges from multiple perspectives. Most importantly for me Linda helped me break them down and understand ‘why’. Once I understood why, I was then able to tackle the root cause ,the technical dynamics of relationships, and understand the impact of my actions.

My experience with Linda has been an incredibly positive one and I would strongly recommend having that first conversation and see where it takes you”


“Linda very much put me at ease and allowed me to feel comfortable and able to discuss situations in my life at a time when I was unhappy and unable to move forward. Throughout our sessions Linda enabled me to work through events and make positive changes which have resulted in me now feeling stronger, calmer, optimistic and more in control of my life. Linda is very much a people person and provides valuable empathy and support. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to talk to someone in a safe, confidential manner.”


NB: names have been changed to protect anonymity

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